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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Latest Purchases #40

Even with last week's (very) poor paycheck, I was still able to cop some good deals on games. A routine trip to fye and I came away with the following goods. A 10% discount helped me saved some green.

I never did pick up the first Battalion Wars on the GameCube even though I saw it for dirt cheap numerous times in my hometown of Dayton, Ohio. I was gonna make the same mistake when I saw a used copy of Battalion Wars 2 on the Wii for $4.99. It was complete, missing the manual, but for the price and the disc doesn't look too shabby, I can't really complain.

I don't even know how many Guitar Hero games there have been. Guitar Hero: World Tour makes the fifth Guitar Hero game I own and at a price of $1.99, it's also the cheapest I've ever paid for one. The song list is what encouraged me to pick this one up. Beat It and Everlong are among the songs featured and there are no covers. It's been years since I've played a Guitar Hero game so maybe I'm due to break out my guitar controller.

One look at Bomberman and I'm saddened that Hudson is no more. I don't really know what this PSP version of Bomberman is like but for $4.99, I figured it couldn't hurt to find out. This makes my 11th PSP game.

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