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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Sonic Throw & Pillow Set

Sonic, holding or "hugging" the blanket.
I was originally gonna title this post "Sonic Keeps Me Warm at Night" Just to widen a lot of eyes and raise a lot of eyebrows. But then I decided to just go by the item title *shrug*

The blanket when you unfold it.
While looking around in fye, I saw this very unique Sonic Throw & Pillow Set. It contains a Sonic hugger plush pillow and a 14" blanket. I won't be using Sonic as a pillow, but he will make a fine addition to my growing collection of plush toys. In fact, this is the biggest Sonic plush toy I have so far. And I prefer my blankets to be more than 14" long but I still can't argue with how nice this set looks. The original price was $14.99 but fye was  selling it for $9.99. How could I say no to that? I mean, look at it!

I love how Sonic looks holding, sorry, hugging the blanket. It's just so adorable. I almost didn't want to cut him lose because once that's done, he can't really hug the blanket again. Kinda wish he had some velcro on him or something. Ah, well.

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