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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

$1300 RE6 Premium Edition Could Come Stateside if it Gets Enough Votes

A while back, I heard that Capcom was going to release a premium edition of Resident Evil 6 in Japan. This special edition comes with four tablet covers and a replica of Leon Kennedy's leather jacket. The kick in the junk to all this is the price tag. In Japan, this baby will set gamers back 105,000 yen. The American conversion price for that is, I kid you not, $1300. I thought the idea of a premium edition with such a high price was absurd when I heard about it weeks ago, but even more outlandish is that Capcom is even considering bricking this bank account busting edition to American shores. If it gets enough "Yes" votes, it will be done. As of this writing, over 6000 votes have been cast saying "No," which makes me happy to see that common sense is not completely dead. Is it worth 1300 big ones just to look like a video game character? You can go to a clothing store and find a similar leather jacket for a whole lot less. The fact that Capcom thought bringing even a few of these to the states is mind-boggling. If Steel Battalion, a $200 game with a huge controller sold poorly in America, what makes the company think this special edition of RE6 will do much better? At that price, there is no way name recognition will save it.

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