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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Anime/Cartoon/Comic Art #2: Batman Gallery

Number 2 of the big three at DC comics, Batman is one of the most popular super heroes despite having no super powers. He's such a dark and cool character. He's got awesome partners and an incredible rogue's gallery, the best in comics, really. Enjoy the art.

By calslayton
By ErikVonLemann
By ai-eye
By duss005
By el-grimlock
By scottieyoung

By pochrzas
By Cinar
By kizer180
By mikemaihack
By MelikeAcar
By AlexPascenko
By ardian-syaf
By Roboworks
By MahmudAsrar
By ErikVonLehmann
By jusscope
By Cinar
By garang76
By Mar11co
By joel27
By ai-eye
By RyanBarger

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