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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Sony Patent to Pause Gameplay for Ads

Do you like advertising in your games on in-game billboards? I'm not terribly fond of them myself but it sure beats the heck out of what Sony has in store for us. A patent by Sony has hit the interwebs showing how it will pause gameplay to show us an unskippable ad. I can already hear collective groans from gamers around the world.

I hate it when ads are placed before videos I want to watch on YouTube. I also hate it when side bar ads pop up to advertise an ad I can already seen on upper right side of the screen on YouTube. (Can you say "redundant"?) So I already know that any ad that pauses the game I'm playing will infuriate me. Games are not TV shows with commercial messages in between. The only pauses I'll tolerate is loading and when I manually pause the game. You can view how the patent will work here.

What genius at Sony could possibly think this would be a good idea?

Source: Game Informer

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