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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Next-Gen Consoles Should Be Priced Lower, Says Sleeping Dog Dev

We are in the middle of a global recession. The cost of development for games continues to rise and gamers have long since grown tired of forking over $60 for a new title. So it comes as a surprise when Jeff O' Connell says that he thinks next-gen hardware should be at a low price point.

Speaking to Xbox World, the senior producer of United Front's Sleeping Dogs had this to say regarding the next generation of gaming.

"For me, it's lowering the cost and making things more accessible for the average consumers."

Huh. Again, very surprising. I certainly wouldn't mind paying less for next gen consoles. As it stands, I won't go over $350 for a new machine and as much as I Like Mr. O' Connell's thinking, I just don't see Sony and Microsoft going this route. Each console generation has seen both companies take further leaps with their respective systems and to price them lower would either mean to make them less powerful, or make them more powerful than the current hardware and just sell them for less, which I'm positive neither company in a million years would do. Say what you want about Nintendo, but they are probably the only company among the big three that are even thinking bout pricing their next-gen console at an affordable price.

Still, it's nice to know that guys like Jeff do exist on the inside of the industry and are thinking of appealing to the average consumer budget.

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