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Thursday, May 3, 2012

LEGO Legend of Zelda?

We've had LEGO Batman, Halo, Harry Potter and Star Wars. You know what we really need? LEGO Legend of Zelda. This so needs to happen. MINGLES who is obviously like many, a huge Zelda fan, is trying to get an official line of LEGO Legend of Zelda toy series out for all of us to enjoy. The above link includes more screens of these models as well as a place for you to vote for sets to be made. The site already has a sizable amount of votes but more are needed and of course, it needs to be approved by Nintendo and go through the LEGO company. Since the Zelda series is massive and has many dedicated fans, I don't see why this project wouldn't be green-lighted. Click the link and do your part to make LEGO Legend of Zelda a reality!

1 comment:

Zack said...

This would be the coolest thing ever. Zelda and Lego make me :)