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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Check Out These Mugs... and Shirts

It has finally happened. I have gaming coffee mugs! I've been craving gaming related mugs for some time now. I'd seen some really awesome-looking mugs in the pages of Retro Gamer, which I still want to order from their site, but seeing these in fye was a pleasant surprise. I'd actually seen the Sonic mug a few weeks ago and passed on purchasing it. Each mug at fye cost $7.99. Figured, I'd get it another time. Good thing I waited because when I went into fye on Sunday they had a special deal going where you can get three mugs for $9.99! How about that? They also had a Pac-Man mug! Pac-Man! How cool is that? I don't think I've ever owned anything relating to Pac-Man that wasn't a video game. I'm pretty sure it's required by law to have some sort of Pac-Man merchandise so now I'm covered. I also got a mug for one of the most iconic super heroes, Superman. I love the simple design of this one. Naturally, I'm gonna make sure that the only person who drinks outta these babies is me.

It seems I just can't get enough of Sonic. I've got games, comic books, toys, a mug, a water bottle and even shirts with the world's most famous hedgehog plastered all over them. Well now I have two more shirts with blue streak pimped out on the front. With fye's buy one get the second half off, I'm gonna end up with more t-shirts than I've ever had before. These two shirts show Sonic with much of his supporting cast, on the front, which I'm perfectly fine with. Well, except Big the Cat on the blue shirt. But even he can't totally ruin it for me. I started buying my shirts in XL size because a few of my large sized shirts ended up shrinking when dried. So no more large t-shirts for me.

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