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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Downloads #10

Mario Tennis (N64)
When Mario Tennis first hit the Nintendo 64 back in later 2000, it was a very big deal for my friends and me. The game actually made us stop playing Perfect Dark and engage in some very heated multiplayer doubles matches. It was so much fun keeping a volley going and then finally smashing that sucker to score some points. The loads of characters to choose from were a delight to play as. This is also the game that introduced, Waluigi, Wario's brother and Luigi's "evil" counterpart, a character I honestly feel is underrated. Waluigi was one of my favorite characters to play as because he had insane reach, which made him ideal for working the net. Alas, friends are a bit harder to come by so it could be a while before I get to enjoy those awesome doubles matches with human players once more.

Zombies At My Neighbors (SNES)
I once owned a complete copy of Zombies Ate My Neighbors on the Genesis that I stupidly traded in. Wanna hear the real kicker? I got that game for free from a co-worker. When I think back on things like that, it makes me glad I don't really do trading anymore. Anyhoo, my fellow forumites were talking this game up something fierce when it released for the Virtual Console some time ago. Wanting to get a game I've never played before (yeah, even when I had the game, I never played it), I decided to part with 800 Wii points and pick it up. From the looks of things, it looks like one of those games where anything that isn't a power-up wants your head. Sounds hard, but fun. Should be fun to take this one for a spin. And yes, the acronym for Zombies At My Neighbors is one of the best ever. ZAMN!


Anonymous said...

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dste said...

Zombies is an absolutely brilliant game.

I own the SNES version, had it for years and still love playing it, though I'm still yet to complete it.