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Friday, January 20, 2012

Super Mario Galaxy Desktop Figures

Gotcha TOMY's capsule figures are really growing on me. I picked up a few Sonic figures from them months go and now I've got three from the set of five Super Mario Galaxy Desktop Figures. I was able to see through the little holes in the capsules somewhat, so I could tell what I'd be getting. I don't mind surprises, but I really wanted to get Bowser and thankfully, there was one. Even before I took him out, he felt noticeably heavier than the rest. I also ending up with Peach, who despite getting captured all the time, is a character I can never truly dislike. And finally, I got Roslina, one of the best additions to the Mario universe. Like Bowser, I could tell I was getting Peach and Roslina. These things look pretty cool and with the exception of Bowser, each one comes with their own stand.

It should go without saying but if you're looking to preserve these babies, especially Peach and Roslina as they aren't as durable as Bowser, then these things shouldn't be played with. Take the "Desktop Figures" name to heart here and display them.

Like all other Gotcha TOMY capsule toys, these things go for $3.99 for individuals or you can spring for a whole case of 18 for around $60. I'll personally just take my chances to spring for the single capsules. All I need is Mario and the Octoombas and I'll have the whole set.

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