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Monday, January 30, 2012

Videos I Like #1: Bluffer's Guide to Loading

Welcome to the start of a new ongoing series here on Gaming Rocks On. Videos I Like will feature videos from YouTube that, well, I like. The featured video may be something you've seen before or maybe something brand new to you. If it's the later, perhaps you may learn a few things or find a new channel to subscribe to you YouTube. Who knows.
Ah, loading. 2012 and we still have to put up with it. I did a post about loading a while ago but GameSpot took a different approach on the matter. The end result is a look at the wonderful methods that developers come up with to keep us entertained while the game loads. It's pretty insightful and funny. There's some a bit of strong language thrown in so make sure the kids aren't around when watching this one.

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