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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Game Art #13: Metroid Showcase

Last year marked the 25th anniversary of the Metroid franchise. I feel awful for having not done any sort of special post for Samus, Ridely, Mother Brain and company but 2011 was a huge year for gaming anniversaries and it really was hard to keep up with them all. Heck, my Zelda and Mario features even missed the post deadline for 2011. Anyway, here's a special fan art showcase for one of gaming's most revered series.

By Gavade
By Kirra241
By masateru
By Maiss-Thro
By tskrening
By the-gates-of-kuma
By Eyes5
By noprips
By fatal-mantis
By Samolo
By mintchoco
By pekepeke0
By AznJoker2
By modusprodukt
By P-H
By BlkCelebration
By Falcon-
By ryuzero
By Sprivate
By CoreyLoving
By bluewolf487
By Paperfiasco
By UOL Jogos
By villainzekes
By ChaseJC
By Roguetwo
By Orioto
Unknown Artist
By mixxedstuff
By cre8vsteph
By Wes-Talbott
By hungerartist
By DAV-19
By Vhoyos

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