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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Game Art #15: ICO & Shadow of Colossus Showcase

Recently, I got my brother-in-law the Ico & Shadow of Colossus Collection for the PS3 (aren't I a great bro-in-law?). Watching him play inspired me to do an art showcase for these games. I imagined there had to be some pretty breath-taking art pieces on these two masterpieces, and I was pretty much right. Enjoy the art.

By 12Gen
By NotThePornStar
By kitanai-neko
By psuke76
By cellar-fcp
By cellar-fcp
By fellcoda
By kaworu24
By homanga
By Mogasaki
By RocketJess
By RubyDragoness
By cynthiafranca
By DensenManiya
By isra-ac
By mister-meh
By hahanegrodragon
By ashwara
By Ouroboros-13
By Svy
By chibiniko
By taiki99
By ismo-h
By fellcoda
By LLucilla
By Joseph-Mama
By XRobinGoodFellowX
By V-nom
By gregmks
By Yaguete
By hastati95
By arugaisou
By Hani7
By MeganeRid
By oh8
By adonihs
By meiwren
By xadhoom
By tomten
By V-nom
By aletsander
By Fennewalde
By GoKammy
By CristianPenas
By CitizenWolfie
By Mmmmuppet
By TeaBeforeWar
By BlackJackWhite
By blurymind
by zeo-x
By nobodysleeps

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