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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Game Art #16: Cave Story Showcase

Keeping with the trend of featuring art from games that are more than the Marios, Sonics, and Mega Mans of the world, here's a gallery of art from Cave Story (Doukutsu Monogatari as it's known in Japan), a game I like to think a wider audience has played by now. Originally an indie game for the PC, Cave Story eventually made it's way to WiiWare, DSi with and it was recently released on the 3DS. I downloaded the game for my 29th birthday on WiiWare and loved it. If you haven't played it, you really should. This art showcase contains a few spoilers so consider yourself warned. Enjoy.

By TheWax
By Bal-Bafu
By raizy
By louten
By moementm
By curtisdraws
By davidn6597
By GoshaDole
By Risocaa
By scrotumnose
By nanokostudio
By CaptainJamesman
By Kojiro-Highwind
By CytosisX
By Bandooo
By matthewart
By nanokostudio
By raizy
By oh8
By Th3w-san
By FargalEX
By StarEspeon
By ktcoope
By oh8
By Mrcrapinson

By TheNork
By rongs1234
By RhexFiremind
By Suguro
By le-mec
By okavango
By fluxmage
By Pembroke, colors by Christopher-Jones
By Ekuneshiel
By blackbookalpha
By Risachantag
By purplekecleon
By glitcher

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