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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Sonic Mini Figure Classic Collector's Set

Months ago, I'd heard about the Sonic Mini Figure Six Pack Collection by First 4 Figures and drooled. These things just looked so awesome! These kinda reminded me of the Super Mario Mini Figure Series (which, I still need to pick up.) Unfortunately, they were sold out and frequently so. It wasn't until Jazwares re-released the set as the Sonic Mini Figure Classic Collector's Set that obtaining them became much easier. I placed my order at Toys 'R Us' website last Tuesday and while I was at work yesterday, they arrived in the mail, and that was with the slowest shipping. Standing at around 2 inches tall, these mini figures are dripping with the detailed likeness of their classic designs. I love the looks of them so much, that I don't even mind (too much) having Amy in this set, though Robotnik would have been way better. I've already got a mini classic Super Sonic, but it's still nice to have another one along with the remaining figures.

While I was looking for a good place to shop for these figures online, I'd read that some people were paying over $30 and in some cases $40 and upwards for this set, which is crazy, really. Just about as crazy as charging $9.99 for an individual mini Sonic figure in this set (the asking price at K-Mart). Toys 'R Us has the Sonic Mini Figure Classic Collector's Set for $19.99, which should be the SRP at any store selling this collection. So if you're planning on buying this excellent set, do it from there.

But enough about greedy retailers. Let's get a better look at these babies!

The gang's all here. Amy, too.

Tails is SO screwed.
"Amy, go hang yourself. And take Big the Cat with you."
You can check out more pictures of the Sonic Mini Figure Classic Collector's Set at First 4 Figures. Below is an unboxing video for your viewing pleasure. I'd say Sonic toys accounted for more than 80% of the gaming toys I bought last year and I know I'll still end up buying more this year. I'll probably pick up a second set of these figures to open up and display on my desk or a shelf.

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